One Nourishing Recipe for Everyday

Is there such a thing as one nourishing recipe that would work for everyone, every day? My wife thinks so. In fact, she believes in a recipe that she refers to as the super-supplement. Research backs it up.


Unlike the Tested and True Dietary Supplements list I have provided previously or the 13 Healing Foods Scientifically Proven to Support Longevity, this recipe is pretty unique. It guarantees well-being. And when prepared first thing in the morning, it can provide support all day long.

So if you are ready for a little inner nutrition, some playful sharing and a bit of a switch from my usual posts, here’s a simple ‘pick-me-up’ recipe that takes only a minute or two to prepare:

The Recipe

Simple way to begin each day…taken lightly

Say Hello to yourself and mean it (this proves you’re alive and awake)

Add your willingness to BE ALL THAT IS

See your body as the center of all that exists around you

Let rise any thoughts or feelings but do not stir!


Add a few breaths and a dash of self-kindness

Taste and add your own seasonings of uniqueness

If bitter, remove self-pity and add self-forgiveness

If sour, remove self-loathing and add self-love;

(CAUTION: Tiny amounts sweeten the whole being)


Once risen; knead with outrageous humor

If humor hard to find, substitute with a thought of Joy.

If Joy in short supply, add Gratefulness in larger quantity

Blend until smooth; removing all lumps, releasing all bumps

Pour into open container and let spread evenly outward

Top with a few more breaths and readiness to enjoy

BAKE: In the Sun of a New Day


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