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Competition Nutrition Now

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  • 5 Part Video series on Dietary Supplements An Informed Approach for Consumers
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Y.E.S.-Your Eating Solution

Are You Ready for a Weight Loss Option That Fits Your Life?

  • Simple, Step-by-Step Workbook  supported by dietitians and doctors
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Fitness True Health Tips

Discover Fitness Tips & Secrets That Most Trainers Won’t Tell You

  • Essential Fitness Guide for Anyone Who Wants a Healthier Body
  • Get Tone, Burn Fat, & Sculpt the Core You Want
  • Easy to Read Tips, Supported by Trainers Across the Country

Real Food Therapy Guide

Feel Young Again with Simple Nutrition Remedies

  • People looking to turn back the clock and reverse aging will love this guide
  • Powerful, yet simple strategies to address the most common health concerns
  • Unique integration of Western and Eastern food philosophies for healing

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