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Supplement Company Secrets

I had the good fortune of getting connecting with one of the nation’s top research-based performance experts, Will Brink. Here’s a great read from Will that I’d recommend.  It’s called Supplement Company Secrets. Click cover for the free download. If…
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3 Healthy Eating Tricks – At Home, Work & Restaurants

We all know eating healthy is important. But it’s so difficult. Research suggests one of the biggest keys to healthy eating lies in our psychology. So I did some research to find 3 awesome insights based on food psychology that…
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Just 15 Minutes of This May Prolong Your Life

Even if you can’t squeeze in the recommended 30 minutes a day of exercise, a study from Taiwan suggests that a little activity is still better than none at all. Just 15 minutes a day of exercise, or 90 minutes…
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The Secret to Moving Mountains

Deep within, many of us have big goals about what we really wish to experience, achieve, or realize.  But, often times, we lose motivation to keep moving forward towards those goals. Whether it’s improving our health, getting a promotion at…
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