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1. Are you looking for a personable, experienced personal trainer with a holistic mindset near Tolland, CT?

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I successfully offer a unique combination of 25 years of experience as a corrective exercise specialist, certified personal trainer, corporate wellness coach, speaker, nutritionist, author and dietary supplement advisor with emotional intelligence to help clients become their best selves!

I currently serve clients (ages ranging from 16 to 91) in the True Health Unlimited, LLC personal health and fitness studio in Tolland. I also provide both virtual and live wellness coaching, workshops and seminars to individuals, groups and small businesses.

Want to see if I’m a fit for you or your company?

E-mail: dave@truehealthunlimited.com or call me 860-875-8485

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Personal Training, Corrective Exercise, Wellness Coaching & Nutrition Counseling Rates

Initial Consultation* – $75/55 min (your initial consultation is FREE with a pre-payment of 10 sessions upfront)   Fitness Assessment* – $75/55 min   1-on-1 private session – $75/55 min, $40/30 min   Tandem (2-on-1) session – $80/55min   CALL…
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