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How To Supercharge Your Cardio Without Doing Cardio

Cardio. A word some fitness folks love and a word others flat out dread. Cardio means different things to different people. Here’s what four different people told me it means to them… Running on a Treadmill Cardio, you mean, exercises…
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Supporting a Humanitarian Effort

To support a humanitarian effort, Dave Barnas of True Health Unlimited invites you to hear a positive story encourages you to get involved! We’re supporting a young man and former client, Dallon Asnes, on his journey to benefit the lives…
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Will Higher Repetitions with Shorter Rest Intervals Make Me “CUT”?

According to Marcas Bamman, director of the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Center for Exercise Medicine, about 70% of folks will respond to muscle-building programs.  So the chances of getting more lean are pretty good for most of us. From…
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