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A Secret to True Health Beyond Fitness & Food

This article is dedicated to a client and all others seeking alternative ways to optimize their health beyond a fitness program or diet plan. Q:  One of my clients once asked me if there was anything else she could do…
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How to Create Your Mode for Fitness Success

Whether it’s fitness, nutrition, well-being or success in general, creating your mode is essential to your health and happiness.  Creating your mode is all about adjusting your environment to support your psychological, emotional, and physical state. The reason it’s important…
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Gabrielle Riola, RD, Nutrition for Children & More

Dave: Today I am happy to share the brief interview I had with Gabrielle Riola, a registered dietitian. “Welcome Gabrielle!  It’s good to have you on board for some Q & A.  After reviewing your website, I learned that you’re…
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How to Get Rid of “Love Handles”

I wish I had an easy answer. While elective surgical procedures seem to be the only quick fix known to science for getting rid of “love handles,” research supports that a proper diet and exercise program can help you whittle…
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Vitamin D a Possible Tool in Diabetes Prevention?

Tufts researchers have identified a surprising factor in diabetes risk that might help keep people with pre-diabetes from developing the disease: vitamin D. In a new study, high-risk patients with the highest blood levels of vitamin D were 28% less…
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