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This Commonly Used Supplement May Be Troublesome

Do you take a supplement with calcium or know some one who does? The research is concerning. Calcium supplements increase kidney stone growth. Not good. Real food sources of calcium are great.  No issues there. But, additional supplementation may be…
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The Easiest Way to Measure Your Body Fat

When it comes to the percentage of body fat and weight, what’s normal depends on height and frame. In general, the average male’s body fat weight should be made up of 2-4% essential body fat and the average female’s weight should consist…
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Low Blood Levels of an Omega-3 May Hasten Brain Aging

A diet lacking in an omega-3 fatty acid, predominantly found in fish, may cause the brain to age faster and lose some of its memory and thinking abilities, according to the results of a study (released February 28, 2012) by…
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