How to Get Maximum Fat Burning with Exercise

Dave_BettyeJo_logoLooking for a fat burn boost? You’re not alone. Virtually every client I’ve seen over the last decade wants to know how to burn more fat. Whether you lift weights, prefer yoga, love cardio, or would rather stroll in the woods for exercise, here’s something you must know about burning fat.

Research suggests that if you exercise while your blood sugar and carbohydrate stores are low, your body will tap its fat stores for energy.  This means your body burns more fat when it has less carbs for fuel.

However, what the research doesn’t tell you is that if you exercise with a low blood sugar level, your ability to exercise will be compromised. Additionally, you may feel horrible and can get dizzy if your blood sugar drops too low.  

So to get the maximum fat burn during exercise, you have to have a relatively lower blood sugar level.  Unfortunately this makes exercise more difficult.  And not only is exercise more difficult when you have a low blood sugar level, but you won’t feel too good.  

This begs the question…


What then, is the best way to burn fat and still get enough carbs for energy so that you feel good?

The key is to manage your insulin level (fat storage hormone) with foods that keep your blood sugar levels relatively stable and low.

The way to manage your insulin levels for experiencing a fat burning state during exercise is to consume lower glycemic foods like apples, peanuts, peaches, and avocados, instead of high glycemic foods such as bagels and pretzels. High glycemic foods spike your blood sugar. Blood sugar spikes elicit a rise in insulin, which tells the body to store fat, rather than burn it for fuel.

Low glycemic index foods, however, keep the blood sugar down to support a more optimal state for fat burning.  As discussed more extensively in Competition Nutrition Now, low glycemic foods are the key to getting sufficient carbs to maintain energy for effective workouts.  And, low glycemic foods help you burn fat and feel good during any type of exercise.

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