Fitness Gift Ideas Revealed in a Healthy Holiday Picture Game

Ever seen one of those picture games where you compare two pictures to spot the differences? The object of the game is to find all the differences.

Well, putting our child-like minds together for some light-hearted holiday fun, my wife and I created a similar picture game with healthy gifts.

The object of the picture game below is to search and spot all 16 different gifts. Each healthy gift is stripped away – one at a time.

Scroll down & See if You Can Find ALL 16 Gifts! 

 Silly cheerful holiday clues will help your search along the way. At the end of the game, you’ll find an answer key with gift details.

Start Here. Look Above at Everything in this Pic. Then Scroll Down and Compare Each Pic with the One Above it. See if you can Find ALL 16 GIFTS that we Stripped Away. One at a time.


Gift 1. Compare this pic with the one above. Did you see Santa ride off with the first gift? Click pic to see the first gift we stripped of the list.
Gift 2. Compare this pic with the one above. This gift tones muscles. Click the pic to see the gift that got stripped out of my hand.
Gift 3. Now Compare this pic with pic just above. Do you hear what I hear? Click pic to see what’s missing from above.
Gift 4. Continue comparing each pic you see with the one just above it the rest of the way. Do you see what I see? Click pic to find what gift is missing from above.
Gift 5. Yikes! 3 gifts are gone from above. All of them can help you get rid of muscle aches and pains. Click pic for these healthy gifts.
Gift 6. We were having a ball until this rolled away from above. Click pic to find this exercise gift.
Gift 7. Grandma got run over by a reindeer because she wasn’t wearing this to see it coming.  Click pic to see the gift that got stripped away.
Gift 8. Let it snow, let it snow, let is snow, so we can go outside and use these. Click pic to see the gift that swept me off my feet.
Gift 9. The Grinch might be the only one smiling when we step on this gift during the holiday season. Click pic for a gift that helps you see if you stripped off the pounds and body fat.
Gift 10. Hey good lookin. Whatcha got cookin? Click pic to see a gift that chefs enjoy and also helps to keep the waistline down.
Gift 11. Standing too close to the fireplace made me hot. Click pic to see what gift got stripped off.
Gift 12. Did you find your fit yet? To find it, click the pic.
Gift 13. I just had it in my hand, but it’s gone now. Click the pic to see a gift you can read to help you prepare for cold weather activities, including SNOWGA.
Gift 14. It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. To see the gift in time, hurry and click the pic.
Gift 15. Santa promised us that he’d get one of these in the North Pole this year. His core needs work. Click pic for this healthy exercise gift.
Gift 16. The chestnuts were roasting on an open fire. So was I! Click pic to see the last gift we stripped off the list. And more importantly, remember the message of our sign. It says, “LIVE EACH DAY LIKE THE GIFT IT IS” 
Answer Key: All 16 gifts are shown and details of each are provided below. Click this pic to find a gift card for everything on the healthy holiday gift list!

1.Mountain Bike 

A great way to get outdoor exercise.

Want something indoors? For in-home motivation machines with top-rated quality based on Consumer Reportsclick here.

2. Dumbbell

Dumbbells offer many healthy benefits including muscle toning and strength training. For in-home exercisers, this adjustable set is space saving, adjustable (makes it easy to change them from lighter to heavier), and the quality and ratings is top notch.

3. Digital Work Tunes Earmuff/Headphones

Ideal for snowblowing, mowing the lawn, raking leaves or taking a hike.

4. Snow Goggles

Great for all types of outdoor activity. I like them for snowshoeing, doing snowga, and preventing dry eyes when I’m removing snow from our roof, driveway, etc., especially on windy days or blizzard like conditions.

5. Foam Rollers – Soft for Beginners, High Density for IntermediatesMaster of Muscle for Experienced or the 3-in-1 for All-levels.

Foam rollers are one of the best ways to get rid of tight muscle aches and pains.

6. Stability Ball(anti-burst). And sibling, Stability Ball Chair

These stability balls the safest you can find. We’ve used them for years in our fitness studio.  The stability ball chair is great for posture improvement by developing core musculature while working at a desk or work station.

7. LED Headlamp Flashlight – Water Resistant

Perfect for outdoor night activities. I like the headlamp for jogging at night. It can also be used for sledding, shoveling, walking the dog, hiking, etc.

8. Snowshoes for Men, for Women, and for Kids

A wonderful way to exercise in the snow. Some researchers believe that you can burn more calories snowshoeing than you can walking, running, or cross country skiing at the same pace.

9. Digital Body Fat Scale w/ 400 lb. Capacity & Auto Recognition Technology

This is the easiest way to track your body weight and body fat percentage .

10. Zero Belly Cookbook: 150+ Delicious Recipes to Flatten Your Belly, Turn Off Your Fat Genes, and Help Keep You Lean for Life!

Research shows that cutting calories, not exercise, plays a bigger role in maintaining weight loss. The new Zero Belly cookbook makes it easy and tasty.

11. Carhartt Men’s Rugged Cargo Pant Relaxed Fit

OK. I admit it. I did not want to take off these pants. I love them so much because they are spacious, comfortable, durable and perfect for outdoor and indoor activity. I’ve never had a pair of pants I’ve loved more. My clients are tired of hearing about these pants.

12. Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband

My clients love fitbits. As a health coach, I’m a fan of any product that supports accountability for living a healthier lifestyle. The fitbit does just that.

13. Becoming the Iceman – Pushing Past Perceived Limits

I used to dread cold weather.  But, I’m a fan of health improvement and human potential. By roughly following the instructions in this book, I improved my ability to withstand the cold with a different type of fitness training. Also improved my immune system (haven’t been sick in over a year and a half), and strengthened my cardiovascular system to lower my blood pressure to 103/60.  All by by starting with just 30 seconds of training a day as taught in this book!

14. Pumptime Clock

It’s always PUMP TIME when you look at this clock. Just like a fitbit sets a mindset to be active, having a PUMP TIME clock sets the mode for a workout room. We have one in our studio and clients think it’s really cool.

15. Sport Performance Trainer Mat – Self-Guided Exercise Mat

Sometimes it’s nice not to have to think during a workout. This mat takes the thinking out of exercise.  It offers some nice exercise guidance, and it’s durable and easy to clean.

16. Smartwool Sweater for Men and Women

This sweater is my favorite.  It’s soft, comfortable, not itchy and ideal for outdoor activity. It breathes well and my wife says I look cute in it.


Happy Holidays to You! Wishing you the best of health, happiness and inspiration.

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