How to Align Your Workouts with Your Sign

As a personal trainer, I often wrestle around with the idea of trying to meet my client’s expectations to motivate and inspire them to achieve their health and fitness goals.  While one client enjoys hustling on cardio to break a sweat, another prefers light weight training without feeling sore for the next three days.  Some love to be challenged and held to high standards, while others request a slow and gentle approach followed by a relaxing stretch to wind down the workout.  Even if you’re not a personal trainer, I imagine you have found yourself in situations where you were not quite sure how to align with others to meet their expectations.


Fortunately, I have a client (Pat Peabody) whose unique insights about people has made life as a personal trainer a lot easier for me. By studying little bits of what she offered and applying them to my job, I stopped second guessing myself and became more confident with how I supported my clients.  I actually found a way to modify client’s fitness programs that aligned with their needs, abilities, and stars (believe it or not) to help them feel happier and more satisfied with my training services and the results!

Personal Training inside the True Health Unlimited studio.

Here’s what happened.

One day, as Pat walked in for her 11am workout, she crossed paths with the gentlemen from the previous appointment.  She entered the True Health Unlimited studio with a big smile and upon connecting eyes, I said,

“Hey Pat!  Good to see ya.  You know, I gotta tell ya, that guy you just passed by is so nice.  He offered to lend me his post hole digger so that I can move our mailbox over and widen the studio driveway to make parking a bit easier for clients.”

She chuckled, “That was nice.  Let me guess, he’s a Virgo.”

“A Virgo? I said, “You mean the astrology sign or something?”

She said, “Yeah, his sign is probably a Virgo.”

Out of curiosity, I asked her, “What are the birth dates for a Virgo?”

She replied, “Around the end of August through most of September.”

Still holding my clipboard with his workout, I glanced down and looked at his birth date.   “Holy cow, you’re right!  How the heck did you know that?”

She said, “Oh Dave, most Virgos notice details and enjoy providing tools that are beneficial to others.  It’s a common Virgo tendency.  Virgos are often the first to notice a detail problem and also show you a practical way to fix it.”

And that’s when my interest in astrology began.  In an attempt to improve my training services, I wanted to learn if I could align a client’s fitness program with their astrological sign’s tendencies and preferences.

Through our time working together, Pat Peabody, (who has lost over ten pounds and become much more fit), informed me that she was the President of the Astrological Society and studied astrology for over 25 years.  Upon my request, she offered me a few different books to read so that I could have a deeper understanding of the “tendencies” of different signs.

While there are many elements that affect each sign’s tendencies, I asked if she could provide some general stuff that would be fun, useful, and related to fitness of course.  After all, I am working with her as a trainer, so I had to throw fitness into the equation.

Here’s what Pat shared with me about each sign.


Aries, the ram, is the first sign of the zodiac and the archetypal warrior is typically very energetic and competitive. Funneling this energy is productive for this individual.  Therefore, before the fiery Aries takes on an exercise program, they need to feel it will be vigorous and their body will be pushed and they will excel. Taking on projects is exciting, but Aries can lose interest if not challenged.  However, the fire needs to cool down with lots of water along the way to ward off headaches.


Taurus the bull, like the other Earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn, prefers the practical approach.  Having a regular routine for the down to earth Taurus who prefers to start slow, and understands the benefits of each exercise is the best approach. Once established, they are like clockwork with their routine.


Gemini the twins, loves to be active. Multi tasking was made for this zodiac sign.  Whatever they are doing, most likely they are talking at the same time.  As much as they love activity, they need lots of variety.  So be sure to change it up – routine for these twins means boredom.  And in between sentences, consider breathing exercises to settle their restless and creative mind.




Like their crustacean symbol, the crab may come to decisions indirectly in a sideways manner.  Their focus on family and work activities leaves little time for themselves.  But once they realize they have the support of their family, it becomes much easier to take care of themselves. It is particularly important for Cancer, who loves to feed others, to have balanced nutrition as well as strong chest development. Paying attention to these areas will give them added energy to take care of loved ones.


Leo, the lion, is born for the throne and the stage, and will have lots of fun getting in shape.  An exercise regime will help keep off the pounds of this sign that loves life.  And make sure to do cardio for heart and stretching for their back while playing loud fast music for this wanna be entertainer.


The virgin is discriminating and discerning.  They will have analyzed the trainer and the training before making a commitment to work out.  The earthy Virgo is intuitively in touch with their body and innately recognizes its need for regular tune ups.  They will not have trouble maintaining a regular workout schedule.


Libra the scales recognizes that the key to success is balance in all things.  This air sign is also into aesthetics and undoubtedly will wear the coordinated fitness attire.  In addition to aesthetics, they are relationship oriented and would prefer to work in pairs.  If that is not possible, maybe multiple repetitions will suffice.


The scorpion will do in-depth research to insure they optimize their training session.  Scorpio has no problem training hard, sticking with regular work outs and appreciating a challenge.  However, they need to become aware of the tendency to get so focused on the outcome that they may over train and strain their body.   Moderation is the key to this sign with magnetic sex appeal.


Sagittarius, the archer, like the other fire signs, Aries and Leo, is constantly on the run.  So setting aside the time for this busy centaur will be the first task.  A routine can be established by ensuring that their regime gets changed up on a regular basis.  And be sure to pay attention to exercises involving the legs so they can run to their next destination.


The goat is slow but steady, climbing the mountain till they reach the top.  Maybe the Stairmaster will mimic this action and if you set goals for Capricorn, they will reach them and excel, no matter how long it takes. The ram is accustomed to pacing themselves and getting the job done.  They just need a little flexibility along the way.  And remind them to rest, as their joints, especially the knees, may feel the push.


Aquarius is an air sign with a mind focused on the future. Thinking how exercise will benefit them as they go forward will greatly promote their willingness to make a time commitment. Pay particular attention to the ankles as they stand up for rights of others. These humanitarians prefer innovation and will enjoy the most unique equipment. By dispassionately viewing the big picture, the water bearer is able to treat their body as they treat their planet, in a kind ecological manner.


The sign of the two fishes swimming in opposite directions will require focused attention to grab their dreamy intuitive mind.  The Fishes will get into a routine once they find the right music and allow their body to go with the flow.  Be sure to wear sneakers that fit and are comfortable as foot care is essential for these sensitive swimmers.

The next time you’re thinking about a workout, consider aligning it with your stars!

* The authors have tried to be light-hearted about each sign. This information is not meant to be medical advice but is informational and educational only.

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