5 Instant Impact Pre-Workout Snacks

Comp_Nut_Now_products_page_coverPre-workout snacks are essential for getting an added boost of energy. Because carbs are absorbed and digested faster than fats and proteins, they provide an instant impact and are ideal for pre-workout snacks. Pre-workout snacks should have about 60 grams of carbs.  This is because carbs are the main source of energy to fuel shor-term anaerobic activities such as weight lifting and for prolonged intense aerobic exercise such as cycling, swimming, running, hiking, rowing, or cross-country skiing.

Here’s 5 of my favorites that are fast and easy.  Consuming any of these snacks about 30-60 minutes before exercise will have supportive effects to your training or competition.

2011_11_Dave_apple_white_BK1. 2 cups of applesauce

2. 2 cups of canned fruit

3. 2 cups of cooked oatmeal

4. 1 large banana

5.  2-3 cups of dry, unsweetened cereal


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