An Intro to Snowga. This is Funny.

Exercising in cold weather is not for everybody.  I must admit, I’ve never been a fan of cold winter days. But, things changed for me. My blood pressure lowered, my cardiovascular system improved, and my ability to tolerate cold improve immensely.

How? By practicing what a friend showed me.

He showed me the research. And the research shows that a certain method of training in the cold benefits the immune system, the cardiovascular system and more.

Being a health enthusiast, I put this method to the test.

After about 6 weeks of training doing the method for only minutes a day to start, I attempted something silly. We filmed it. And it went viral.


With a light-hearted approach, my daughter, Emily and I (Dave Barnas) made a funny video. Yoga in the snow. We called it Snowga.

Within one week of going viral on Facebook, we put it on YouTube. There, it caught the attention of the The Weather Channel (TWC) in 2 days. TWC asked if they could use it for their AMHQ morning program. A silly segment. Here it is…

Click Here to Watch Snowga Video aired on The Weather Channel – Keep an eye out for Dave Barnas

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