An Ideal Exercise for Strong Body, Strong Mind

Dave_BettyeJo_logoMany fitness friends know that exercise brings about lots of health benefits, but not too many know what type of exercise is best for both a strong body and a strong mind.  I came across a recent study that may surprise you.




In this recent study in the Archives of Internal Medicine, researchers analyzed 77 women with self-reported memory problems and low scores on an objective assessment of cognitive function.  They were assigned to one of three exercise regimens:

Group 1: Lifted weights twice a week for an hour
Group 2: Walked outside twice a week for an hour  (image courtesy of imagery majestic,


After six months, can you guess which group scored the best on memory and other mind tests?

While it would make sense to select Group 3 as balance exercises support significant neurological activity, it was Group 1 the weight lifters who performed better on memory and other mind tests than both the walkers and the stretchers.

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