with True Health Unlimited

Personalized attention and professional guidance are the trademarks of personal training at True Health Unlimited, LLC.

Every workout features the support of an experienced certified trainer who will provide you with 100% personalized attention in a dedicated private setting to help you achieve the best results possible.

True Health Unlimited, LLC creates customized fitness programs designed to suit your specific goals, needs, and abilities.

Read below to know exactly what you can expect when coming to True Health Unlimited to achieve your personal fitness goals.


A consultation is a 55 minute appointment where you will have a brief walkthrough of the studio with your trainer. In addition, you and your trainer will sit comfortably and chat for a while about pertinent information such as your fitness/health goals, health and exercise history, eating habits, and personal preferences. Personal preferences include questions like, “how do you prefer to be exercised? Do you prefer to be guided gently or challenged to work harder?” Answers to these questions about your personal preferences help your trainer gain insight on how best to support you.


Your second visit is a 55 minute non-invasive assessment. A good assessment is an important step to ensure you begin your fitness program safely and effectively. Our non-invasive assessment consists of the following…

  • Heart rate assessment to determine appropriate training heart rate ranges
  • Body movement analysis to look for muscle imbalances, which are often associated with pain or limitations in movement patterns
  • Balance tests to determine coordination and overall body stability
  • Core stabilization tests to evaluate your internal musculature
  • Movement strength tests for upper and lower body to collect a baseline measure
  • Cardio challenge to determine appropriate intensity level for starting your cardiovascular program
  • Optional: Body fat and weight assessments. If you prefer to have this assessment, you will need to notify the trainer during the consultation so that they can prepare the non-invasive body fat machine in accordance to your gender, height, and age. This assessment requires you to be barefoot for accurate measurements.


At your third session (55 minutes), you and your trainer will begin to implement your program as you learn how to perform the variety of exercises that are designed specifically aimed at meeting your preferences and goals. If you are interested, you may request fitness homework as well.


continuous support

After you begin to implement your program with your trainer, s/he will offer continuous support at each 55 minute session to help you stay consistent with your fitness program and also make necessary advancements or modifications to help you maximize your total fitness and well-being. For example, some folks prefer to have fitness homework and follow-up with their trainer at each session, while others prefer to meet their trainer one to three times a week for added motivation and consistency. And, some folks who have specific weight loss goals often prefer to have their body weight and body fat taken periodically to track their success. You and your trainer can discuss these matters along the way.