Diet Consultation
from True Health Unlimited

A diet consultation is a 55 minute appointment at True Health Unlimited, LLC where you and your counselor will discuss information such as your nutrition/health goals, health and exercise history, eating habits, and personal preferences.

Personal preferences include questions like, how do you prefer to be monitored? Do you prefer to be lightly held accountable or monitored strictly? Answers to these questions about your personal preferences help your counselor learn how to best work with you.

In addition, you will be given some homework for diet journaling. A diet journal entails recording everything you eat and drink for three separate 24-hour periods.

Dietary Analysis & Meal Planning

Once your counselor reviews your food records, a dietary analysis and customized strategy is implemented. During your 55 minute visit, your counselor will explain the results of your dietary analysis and discuss several customized strategies for you to consider.

The objective of this second step is to two fold. First, to help you understand your current eating patterns and how they affect you. Second, to provide you with a customized strategy aimed at diet improvement. The customized strategy includes options such as weight loss, lean body diet programs, or recommended nutrition suggestions for general health improvement. These programs include helpful tools and guides such as meal plans, meal plans with specific calorie breakdowns, recommended grocery lists, and more.

Your Eating Solution

Now in a do-it-yourself format, this workbook offers the expert guidance, tools, and techniques that are essential for real diet success in a no-fad format for true lasting results!

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